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Fulfilling GSBS and Program Requirements

The courses that contain the material most needed to prepare for the Ph.D. Candidacy Exam while satisfying required coursework in the four GSBS Core Areas are listed below:


GS040013 (Fall)        Cell Biology (if required) [3 hrs] and/or
GS110023 (Spring)    Molecular & Cellular Approaches to Humans Genetics [3 hrs]


GS030014 (Fall)        Metabolic Biochemistry (if required) [4 hrs] and/or
GS040123 (Spring)    Eukaryotic Gene Expression [3 hrs]


GS010014 (Summer) Biomedical Statistics (if needed) [4 hrs] and/or
GS110013 (Fall)        Genetics & Human Disease [3 hrs]


GS040063 (Fall)         Cancer Biology (alternative) [3 hrs] or
GS040073 (Fall)         Developmental Biology (alternative) [3 hrs] or
GS040203 (Fall)         Experimental Genetics (alternative) [3 hrs] or
GS120254 (Spring)     Cell & Systems Physiology (alternative) [4 hrs]

*GS110631 Current Topics in Human and Molecular Genetics is a required course for all Program Students beginning their second year through graduation. Incoming students are welcome to attend this course during their first year to learn more about the research in HMG students and faculty.

Core and Elective Courses:

          CORE Courses (coordinated or partially taught by HMG Progam Faculty)

GS110023 (Spring)            Molecular & Cellular Approaches to Human Genetics [3 hrs] (Sen, Hixson)
GS110013 (Fall)                Genetics & Human Disease [3 hrs(Hanis, Boerwinkle)

GS110631 (Fall &Spring)  Current Topics in Human and Molecular Genetics [1 hr] (Sen, Killary)

          ELECTIVE Courses (coordinated by HMG Progam Faculty)

GS110032 (Fall)                Introduction to Genomics and Bioinformatics [2 hrs(Xiong, Fu)

GS110033 (Spring)            Methods in Genetic Epidemiology Linkage [3 hrs(Shete)

GS110042 (Spring)           Population Genetics [2 hrs(Fu, Xiong)

GS110053 (Summer)         Data Mining Methodology [3 hrs(Rodin)

GS110072 (Fall)                 Statistical Genetics [2 hrs(Fu)

GS110092 (Spring)           Genetic Epidemiology of Chronic Disease [2 hrs(Hanis)

GS110103 (Fall)               Evolution of DNA and Protein Sequences [3 hrs(Rodin, Hewett-Emmett, Fu)

GS110611 (Fall, Spring)     Special Topics in Cytogenetics [1 hr(Sen)

GS110711 (Fall, Spring)     Seminar in Genetics and Population Biology [1 hr] (Boerwinkle)
    PH2740 (Fall) 
               Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology & Prevention [3 hrs] (Morrison)
    PH2780 (Summer) 
       Applied Genetic Methods in Public Health [3 hrs(Morrison)



GS010033 (Spring)            Introductory Biostatistics & Bioinformatics [3 hrs]
GS010163 (Fall)                   Analysis of Microarray Data [3 hrs]
GS040133 (Spring)            Cancer Cell Signaling [3 hrs]
GS060014 (Fall)                Immunology I [4 hrs]
GS070063 (Fall)                Microbiology and Molecular Genetics I [3 hrs]
GS110112 (Spring)            Genetic Epidemiology: Association Studies [2 hrs]
RICE:STAT 670 (Fall)       Statistical Genetics
(3 credits)


Additional courses not affiliated with GSBS can be taken for credit through:

  UT School of Public Health (

   Rice University (