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GSA Olympics 2011

GSA's first annual GSA Olympics took place on April 23rd 2011 at the UT-Recreation Center. GSA Olympics is a fun-filled day of sports and games for GSBS students, their families and friends. We hope that GSA Olympics becomes a tradition. 
The winners of this year's GSA Olympics are:
Metastable Maniacs (Dodgeball and Basketball)
Bad Mud/Phudders Jr. (Flag Football, 3-Legged/Wheelbarrow Relay, Tortilla Toss)
NAARF (Ultimate Frisbee)
Rockford Rockers (Volleyball and Egg Race)
Brompton Scatter (Pippetting Race)
Charlie Sheen (Best Team Name)
Born To Streak (Best Uniform)
Outrageous Outreach Olympians (Best Representing Team)
Sina (Best Team Spirit)
Fission Fanatics (Most Competitive)
Thank you all who organized,  volunteered and attended the first annual GSA Olympics 2011!!!
GSA Officers 2010-2011
Liem, Ed and Ale