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4-on-4 Beach Volleyball
Length: 11 minutes
Number of players: 8
Rules: Team captains participate in a coin toss to decide first possession. A successful serve will award the serving team one point; only the serving team can acquire a point. Unsuccessful serves will result in a turnover in which possession of the ball is given to the opposing team.
A team can only touch the ball 3 times before passing it over the net into the opponent’s court. Consecutive contacts with the ball by one player are NOT allowed, resulting in a possession change. Catching the ball, hitting the net, or hitting the ball out of bounds is considered an unsuccessful attempt to return the ball, resulting in a possession change.
The referee will announce a 1 minutes warning and the score.
Winner: Team with the most points at the end of 11 minutes.
Overtime: The team who has the ball at the end of regulation time is awarded the serve. The team winning this volley wins the game.
Extreme Pipetting (relay event):
Length of time: as required
Number of players: 4 (one at a time)
Rules: Team members will be assigned to different segments of the relay. One team member must apply the pipette tip to a 1mL pipettor and fill it with water from the provided cup. There will be an eppendorf tube on the opposite side of the table that must be filled. Once complete, the next team member apply gloves to place 1mL pipette tips into ½ of the area of a large pipette box as quickly as possible. The next team member must take this box back to the first table, add a tip to the pipettor, and fill the cup in the same manner as the first member. Upon placing three tips in the cup, the final team member must take the box back to the pipette filling area, refill the empty spaces and return it to the cart.
Winner: team with the best time
Three-Legged Race and Human Wheelbarrow (relay event):
Length of time: as required
Number of players: 2 for each event (4 total)
Rules: (Three-legged race) Two team members will be tied by each of their adjacent legs with a bungee rope. They will traverse a set of cones, turn around and come back to the starting point. They will then tag the remaining two team members who will begin the human wheelbarrow race. (Human wheelbarrow) One team member will lie prone extending his/her arms so as to lift his/her torso from the ground. The last team member will lift his/her teammate by his/her leg’s. These two members will then traverse the same set of cones, returning to the starting location.
Winner: team with the best time
4-on-4 Flag Football:
Event time: TBD
Rules:  Opposing team captains will participate in a coin toss to determine who is in possession of the ball. Standard football rules will apply ( However, tackling is strictly prohibited. Tackles are, instead, performed by removing 1 flag or the entire flag belt; any team member in possession of the ball who loses his/her flag will be considered tackled. The ball is down at the point of flag loss.
Players must have all flags attached to their waist at all times, or are considered out of play. Players who are not in possession of the ball are permitted to reattach any lost flags.
The defensive team may not pass the line of scrimmage until 5 seconds after the play has started. The referee will count the 5 seconds aloud.
After moving the ball 10 yards from its initial position will grant that team a first down.
Winner: team with the most points at the end of the event
Overtime: if the games is tied at the end of the regulation game, team captains will participate in another coin toss to determine the first possession for overtime. The team winning the coin toss will move to the 5 yard line, and will be given one attempt to make a touchdown. If no touchdown is made, the ball changes possession, giving the opposing team one attempt to make a touchdown from the 5 yard line. Play continues in this manner until one team scores a touchdown; that team wins the game.