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Recruiting Council

The overall purpose of the Recruiting Council is to attract the brightest and most diverse group of applicants to GSBS.  The Council is comprised of GSBS faculty and students with a strong interest in recruitment who are recommended by their Programs.

For information about the Recruiting Council, please contact Ms. Karen Weinberg at 713.500.9873.

Members for 2012-13



  • Ms. Jennifer Abrams
  • Ms. Sarah Baum
  • Ms. Jessica Chacon
  • Ms. Jennifer Churchill
  • Ms. Alessandra Di Lorenzo
  • Ms. Aundrietta Duncan
  • Ms. Madeline Farley
  • Mr. Austin Faught
  • Ms. Amanda Haltom
  • Ms. Heather Highland
  • Mr. Harrison Hocker
  • Ms. Jessie Huang
  • Ms. Sarah Klein
  • Ms. Janani Krishnamurthy
  • Ms. Tamara Laskowski
  • Mr. Marco Leung
  • Mr. Alexander Li
  • Ms. Mandira Manandhar
  • Ms. Christa Manton
  • Ms. Amber Mathews
  • Ms. Katie McCallum
  • Mr. John Morrow
  • Ms. Brittany Parker
  • Ms. Natoya Peart
  • Ms. Jacquelyn Reuther
  • Ms. Rita Sirrieh
  • Mr. Daniel Smith
  • Ms. Randi Stewart
  • Mr. Kaiqi Sun
  • Mr. Adam Yock

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