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Video Conferencing

The Large (BSRB S3.8371) and Small (BSRB S3.8367) classrooms are equipped with send and receive Video Conferencing equipment. Connections are made via the h.323 standard and Internet Protocol (IP) through the MD Anderson Telehealth Operations Center.
If you choose to Video Conference your event, we will provide setup support but a 30 minute prep time is required. Also, you will be responsible for technical and scheduling arrangements at each participating site.
If this will be the first time we will connect to a participating site, we may recommend a test connection that will require you to make an additional room reservation request.
SETUP INSTRUCTIONS for the Large (BSRB S3.8371) and Small (BSRB S3.8367) Classrooms
Video Conf Setup Large ClassroomVideo Conf Setup Small Classroom