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Dr. Seyed Javad M. Moghaddam

Dr. Seyed Javad M. Moghaddam

Regular Member

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Department of Pulmonary Medicine

The research in my lab focuses on airway inflammation and its role in airway epithelial carcinogenesis. Cigarette smoking is the principal cause of lung carcinogenesis. However, more than ten separate studies have found that smokers with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), an inflammatory disease of the airways and alveoli, have an increased risk of lung cancer compared to smokers with comparable cigarette exposure but without COPD. This suggests a strong link between COPD-related airway inflammation and lung cancer. We have previously shown that COPD-like airway inflammation, but not asthma-like airway inflammation, promotes lung cancer in a K-ras mutant mouse model. We are currently dissecting the mechanism responsible for this phenomenon. To study these, we have generated/obtained knockout mice for each pathway, and cells, and we have also developed techniques to transgenically overexpress them.

This will provide a better understanding of the role of specific inflammatory pathways in lung carcinogenesis, and subsequently allow preclinical testing of the efficacy of anti-inflammatory agents in preventing lung cancer. This would have a major impact on preventing the leading cause of cancer death by providing the basis for rationally directed therapy in patients at high risk for lung cancer development, and patients with early stage tumors.

Students working in my laboratory will have the opportunity to study lung biology, airway inflammation, molecular aspects of lung cancer, and tumor microenvironment. Techniques include microscopic analysis, immunohistochemistry, molecular cloning, and transgenic modeling.



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Clinical and Translational Sciences

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Phone: 713.563.0423


Office: IBT 7.704 (Unit 1100)

Title: Assistant Professor


M.D. - Shaheed Beheshti University of Medical Sciences - 1996