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Dr. Guang Peng

Dr. Guang Peng

Regular Member

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Department of Clinical Cancer Prevention

The central focus of my research program is to apply the basic knowledge of genome maintenance mechanisms to early detection and cancer prevention. By using molecular, genetic and systems biology approaches, we aim to address two key questions: (1) Can we identify genetic and epigenetic alterations in the genome maintenance network at early stages of carcinogenesis, particularly during the transition from premalignant lesions to cancer? (2) Can we identify targeted prevention strategies for the premalignant lesions with particular genetic alterations? The answers to these questions will lead to achieve the ultimate goal of personalized cancer prevention.

Projects/Techniques: A tutorial in my laboratory would provide students with an opportunity to gain experiences in molecular biology with a focus in the following areas:

1) The interplay between epigenetic regulation and genome maintenance
2) Cellular tolerance to replication stress
3) Dissecting dysfunctional DNA repair network with a systems biology approach



MDACC Faculty

Contact Information

Phone: 713.563.6517


Office: MDA SCRB2.2019 (Unit 950)

Title: Assistant Professor


M.D. - Tongji Medical University - 2002
Ph.D. - University of South Carolina - 2005