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Dr. James P. Allison

Dr. James P. Allison

Regular Member

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Department of Immunology

The general area of our research is the molecular immunology of the T cell antigen receptor complex, co-stimulatory receptors, and other molecules involved in T cell activation. We are particularly interested in defining those signaling events that lead to differentiation of naive T cells and those that determine whether antigen receptor engagement will lead to functional activation or inactivation of T cells. The lessons learned in these basic studies are used to develop new strategies for the treatment of autoimmune diseases and for immunotherapy of cancer.

Projects/Techniques:  Basic concepts of cancer immunology; Growth and characterization of tumor-reactive T-cells; Murine models of tumor immunotherapy; FACS analysis; ELISPOT and ELISA techniques



Program Affiliations:

Clinical and Translational Sciences

Program in Immunology

Contact Information

Phone: 713.745.4231


Office: MDA SCR3.1035 (Unit 901)

Title: Professor


Ph.D. - The University of Texas at Austin - 1973