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Dr. Tina Marie Briere

Dr. Tina Marie Briere

Associate Member

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Department of Radiation Physics

At present my research interests focus on two very different areas: gastrointestinal tumor motion and in vivo patient dosimetry.

In my group, we are investigating ways to limit the effects of tumor motion on radiation treatment using respiratory gating. That is, we are determining the best ways to target the tumor at a certain phase of respiration and verify that we hit the target. Other related areas of interest involve the use of 4D-CT to account for tumor motion in treatment planning.

My second area of interest involves in vivo dosimetry. One way to verify that the treatment has been delivered as planned is to actually measure the dose delivered during treatment. We are investigating the use of MOSFET detectors for such a purpose.

A tutorial in my group would be quite practical and hands-on. Depending on interest, the student would learn to use a linear accelerator, CT scanner, and/or treatment planning software. The student may also be able to observe patient treatments relevant to the project.



MDACC Faculty

Program Affiliation:

Program in Medical Physics

Contact Information

Phone: 713.563.2565


Office: MDA Y2.5312 (Unit 94)

Title: Assistant Professor


Ph.D. - State University of New York at Albany - 1995