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Dr. Louise C. Strong

Dr. Louise C. Strong

Regular Member

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Department of Genetics

The program involves the study of genetic etiology of human cancer using genetic epidemiologic approach to identify the most likely etiologic model(s) to account for the distribution of tumors in kindreds, and to test for genetic/etiologic heterogeneity. We then identify families in which a genetic etiology seems likely for collaborative study using cytogenetic, biochemical, and molecular markers to localize the gene. We are further investigating the role of radiation, chemotherapy, and host predisposing factors in the risk of subsequent tumors in childhood cancer survivors and in the reproductive outcomes in childhood cancer survivors.

A tutorial in this laboratory would include introduction to field work of data collection by interview, analytic techniques of genetic epidemiology, and interpretation of laboratory findings from the collaborative laboratory studies.



MDACC Faculty

Program Affiliations:

Program in Human and Molecular Genetics

Program in Genetic Counseling

Contact Information

Phone: 713.792.2589


Office: MDA B6.4800 (Unit 209)

Title: Professor


M.D. - The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston - 1970