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Dr. Marsha L. Frazier

Dr. Marsha L. Frazier

Regular Member

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Department of Epidemiology

We are interested in the study of genetic factors involved in the pathogenesis of colorectal cancer. Patients with HNPCC have germline mutations in mismatch repair genes. We are studying additional genetic factors (modifier genes) in this disease, which may be involved in the variation seen in tumor spectrum and age associated risk among HNPCC patients. A second genetic disorder we are studying is Peutz-Jeghers syndrome, which is caused by mutations in the LKB1 gene. We are developing a knock-out mouse in order to study the function of this gene. Finally, a third study involves identifying novel genes that are mutated in families with colorectal cancer.

A tutorial in my laboratory would include training in some of the following areas: nucleic acid extraction, survival analysis, nucleotide sequence analysis, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), real time PCR, gene cloning, and tissue culture.



MDACC Faculty

Program Affiliation:

Program in Human and Molecular Genetics

Contact Information

Phone: 713.792.3393


Office: MDA CPB7.3536 (Unit 1362)

Title: Professor


Ph.D. - Pennsylvania State University - 1978