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Suggested Courses for First Year Students by Program

Program in Experimental Therapeutics

The Experimental Therapeutics Program conforms to the general GSBS requirements requiring 54 credit hours minimum to include one credit hour of the Ethical Dimensions of the Biomedical Sciences (GS21 1051), 12 credit hours of Tutorial Research Experience (GS00 1514), four required GSBS area requirement courses, and a minimum of one year of registration for research which includes Research in Biomedical Sciences (GS00 1520) and Dissertation for Doctor of Philosophy (GS00 1920).

GSBS Required Basic Courses

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Section 2 – Molecular (Choose 1)

Section 3 – Cellular (Choose 1)

Section 4 – Systems (Choose 1)

Program Required Course

Seminar & Elective Courses

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