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Program Course Requirements

    • Program in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
    • Program in Biomathematics and Biostatistics
    • Program in Cancer Biology
    • Program in Cell and Regulatory Biology
    • Program in Experimental Therapeutics
    • Program in Genes and Development
    • Program in Human and Molecular Genetics
    • Program in Immunology
    • Program in Medical Physics
    • Program in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
    • Program in Molecular Carcinogenesis
    • Program in Molecular Pathology
    • Program in Neuroscience
    • Program in Virology and Gene Therapy

Program in Cell and Regulatory Biology Course Requirements

One or more required courses (indicated by asterisks) in each area will be selected with guidance from the student's Advisory Committee. Students may ask for approval from the Advisory Committee and the Cell and Regulatory Biology Program to place out of courses they have already taken.

Underlined headings indicate courses that satisfy GSBS area requirements.


Quantitative (*choose one)

Molecular (*choose one)


Systems (*choose one)

Other systems courses may be substituted; for example:

Listed below are courses that are required (asterisk) or recommended, depending upon the track and the research goals of the student.

All Tracks

Cell Biology Track

Physiology Track
Course requirements are tailored for individual students by their faculty mentor and Advisory Committee. Examples include:

Pharmacology Track


Other courses may be recommended by the student's advisory committee to provide interdisciplinary breadth and depth appropriate for the student's specific area of interest in cell and regulatory biology.