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GS12 1013 Histology for Graduate Students

Smith, Keri and Hickson-Bick, Diane. Three semester course. Summer annually.

The purpose of this course is to provide a comprehensive overview of the structure of organ systems and tissues as it relates to their normal function. Students will gain a working knowledge of tissue fixation, sectioning and processing, basic histological staining, and immunohistochemical staining. Light microscopy will be employed to understand the relationship between tissue morphology and function. Comparative studies of mouse, rat, and human tissue will be performed where applicable. Students will also gain hands-on experience cutting frozen tissue sections, fixing sections to slides, and performing hematoxylin and eosin and antibody-based staining. Novel technologies for whole tissue imaging will also be discussed. By the end of the course students will have a solid understanding of normal tissue structure, and should be able to apply this knowledge to their own translational research projects.