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Course Offerings in Pharmacology and Toxicology

GS13 1011 -- Computer-Aided Drug Design
GS13 1013 -- Medical Pharmacology I
GS13 1024 -- Molecular Basis of Cell Signaling
GS13 1063 -- Toxicology I: Principles of Toxicology
GS13 1073 -- Mutagenesis and Carcinogenesis
GS13 1083 -- Toxicology II: Toxic Agents
GS13 1111 -- Case Studies in Drug Development

Other GSBS courses relevant to this section:

GS04 1103 -- Principles of Therapeutics
GS04 1213 -- Mechanisms in Cancer Therapeutics
GS04 1751 -- Seminar in Regulatory Biology

NOTE: Course descriptions are intended as a general representation of the anticipated skills and knowledge that should accompany successful completion. No guarantee of achievement(s) by any specific student is included.