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GS21 1011 -- Seminars in Clinical Cancer Research
GS21 1014 -- Design and Management of Clinical Trials

GS21 1024 -- Practicum in Teaching

GS21 1031 -- Seminars in Clinical Cancer Treatment 
GS21 1041 -- Topics in Translational Research
GS21 1051 -- The Ethical Dimensions of the Biomedical Sciences
GS21 1052 -- Introduction to Animal Models

GS21 1053 -- Law and Science
GS21 1061 -- Critical Thinking in Science
GS21 1093 -- Topics in Translational Biomedical Engineering New icon
GS21 1102 -- Ethics in Clinical Trials Research

GS21 1111 -- Statistical Genetics Journal Club
GS21 1112 -- Bio-behavioral Research Methods in Cancer Prevention and AddictionNew icon
GS21 1121 -- Resources and Methods for Analysis of Patient-Derived Samplesnew
GS21 1122 -- Introduction to Large Animal Models
GS21 1123 -- Disparities in Health in America: Working Toward Social Justice
GS21 1132 -- Human Protocol Research
GS21 1142 -- Writing Scientific Research Articles for Publication
GS21 1232 -- Translational Sciences: Bedside to Bench and Back
GS21 1611 -- Topics in Molecular Medicine (Pass/Fail only)
GS21 1613 -- Translational Cancer Research
GS21 1621 -- Topics in Cancer Prevention I
GS21 1631 -- Topics in Cancer Prevention II

Certificate Programs

"Clinical Research for Biomedical Scientists", a certificate program for postdoctoral fellows at the UT M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. Please contact Dr. Khandan Keyomarsi,

NOTE: Course descriptions are intended as a general representation of the anticipated skills and knowledge that should accompany successful completion. No guarantee of achievement(s) by any specific student is included.