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GS21 1132  Human Protocol Research

Janku, Filip. Two semester hours. Spring annually.

Human Protocol Research is an integrated, multidisciplinary course designed to provide students the necessary tools to devise, execute, and understand exemplary protocol research involving humans in clinical trials. Students participating in this course will gain an understanding of the depth, complexity, limitations, ethical and regulatory issues of designing hypothesis-driven clinical trials.

The course is complementary and non-overlapping with Translational Sciences: Bench to the Bedside and Back (GS21 1232) since this course emphasizes diagnostic and therapeutic issues specific to research in the human model. Seminars in Clinical Cancer Treatment (GS21 1031) is a companion seminar series to Human Protocol Research. It is recommended, but not mandatory, that students taking Human Protocol Research also take Seminars in Clinical Cancer Treatment (GS21 1031).

Course Outline Spring 2012