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GS21 1102 Ethics in Clinical Trials Research

Hong, David. Two credit hours. Fall annually. Prerequisite: none.

This course explores and examines the ethical issues central to clinical trials research. It will provide an overview of ethics in clinical research and is designed for investigators who will be conducting research on human subjects. Students will learn the historical background, current regulations, and promote an understanding of the function and procedures of Institution Review Boards requirements related to human subjects protection issues and better appreciation of the role of good clinical research for clinical trials. The course's aim is to teach students to recognize ethical conflicts and problems in their professional lives and to provide a framework within which to analyze and resolve them. Topics will cover the discussion of principles of bioethics and how these principles should be applied to the ethical conduct of human subject research, balancing the benefits and harms of participation in stem cell research and ethical issues in the selection of research participants.

Course Outline Fall 2012