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GS21 1031 Seminars in Clinical Cancer Treatment

Freireich, Emil. One semester hour. Spring annually. Prerequisite: none

Seminars in Clinical Cancer Treatment is a seminar course designed to provide a broad overview of patient- oriented research in oncology. The course will provide a preliminary introduction to the main types of clinical research trials in a variety of modalities such as surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. The course will focus on specific tumor types and molecular subsets, and examine how new treatment modalities are developed in the clinical setting. It will also provide a foundation of knowledge in conventional versus experimental therapy. Issues related to study design, sample size, and translational correlates will also be discussed.

Seminars in Clinical Cancer Treatment is a companion seminar series to Human Protocol Research (GS21 1132) and Translational Cancer Research (GS21 1613). It is recommended, but not mandatory, that students taking Seminars in Clinical Cancer Treatment (GS21 1031) also take Human Protocol Research (GS21 1132) and/or Translational Cancer Research (GS21 1613).