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GS14 1123   Cellular Neurobiology: Biophysical

Heidelberger, Ruth; Beierlein, Michael. Three semester hours. Fall annually. Prerequisite: Cellular Neurophysiology or consent of instructor

This course provides an upper-level graduate treatment of the biophysics of nerve cell signaling. Topics to be covered include measurement and analysis of single events from ion channels to synaptic vesicle fusion, synaptic transmission and the relationship between calcium signaling and synaptic vesicle dynamics, short-term synaptic plasticity, and postsynaptic integration. Topics will be presented using a combination of didactic lectures and the discussion of original research articles, with much of the emphasis on the latter. This format facilitates a quantitative understanding of the subject matter in the context of experimental design and analysis. In addition, it teaches students how to critically evaluate scientific literature in the field.

The course is intended for students in the Neuroscience program and for other interested students who have taken the Cellular Neurophysiology Course, or the equivalent.

Class discussions will be held using a journal club format. Each student is expected to present two original research articles. Presentation of additional articles will be moderated by a faculty member. Students should be prepared to discuss salient features of every assigned article. Participation in class discussions will contribute towards a student's final grade.