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GS14 1101 Advanced Seminar in Human Neuroimaging

Beauchamp, Michael S. One semester hour. Fall and Spring semesters annually. Prerequisite: none.

The aim of this course is to keep students updated in the most recent advances in the field of human neuroimaging, to provide them with background regarding these recent results, and to teach them how to present high quality research seminars. Each week a different student or faculty member will present a research paper of interest. Presentations will be well prepared and include surveys of the background motivation and methods. The presentations will be informal as questions would be asked throughout the presentation, in order to facilitate true understanding and a free flow of ideas. The course will meet weekly for 60 minutes at least but the room will be reserved for 90 minutes to allow for a more detailed and thorough discussion. Student presenters will be given feedback about the quality of their presentations and what they should do to improve the presentations. The instructor will be available for students to assist them in choosing a research paper and helping them prepare it for presentation. Faculty presentations will be included both in order to teach the students specific high interest topics as well as to provide them with examples of how such presentations should be carried out.