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GS070014   Microbiology and Molecular Genetics I

Koehler, Theresa. Four semester hours. Fall annually. Prerequisite: None; consent of instructor

This is the first of two courses that together provide a comprehensive examination of prokaryotic and eukaryotic microbiology. Topics covered in this course are organized into four blocks: Cell Physiology and Structure (cell composition and organization, energetics and fueling, biosynthesis, and cell growth and population dynamics), Gene Action (replication and bacterial cell cycle, transcription, translation, protein folding, and posttranslational modifications), DNA Metabolism and Prokaryotic Genetics (DNA damage and repair, recombination, mobile genetic elements, bacterial genetic analysis, and phage genetics), and Eukaryotic Cell Biology and Genetics (eukaryotic lifecycles, Mendelian genetics, and eukaryotic genetic analysis). This course is recommended for, but not limited to first-year students.