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GS11 1023   Molecular and Cellular Approaches to Human Genetics

Hixson, James; Killary, Ann; Matin, Angabin. Three semester hours. Spring annually. Prerequisite: consent of instructor; undergraduate course in genetics required, Biochemistry (GS03 1014) or equivalent recommended.

This course will introduce the students to fundamental concepts in human genetics with emphasis in human cancer genetics, human genetic disorders and the genetics of common diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure.  Students will gain a breadth of knowledge in the field of human genetics with lectures by genetics faculty from UT M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, UT Medical School, UT School of Public Health and Baylor College of Medicine. Lecture topics offer in-depth understanding of emerging concepts in areas of cancer genetics, genomics, epigenomics including microRNA and gene regulation, copy number variation in human disease, bioinformatics and systems biology.  Fulfills GSBS cellular area breadth requirement.