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GS11 1012   Cancer Genetic Counseling

Singletary, Claire. Two semester hours. Spring annually. Prerequisite: Introduction to Genetic Counseling (GS11 1132) 

This course is taught by the faculty and staff of UT MD Anderson Cancer Center and includes lectures by experts in basic science cancer research, clinical oncology, pathology, psychology and cancer genetic counseling. Some of the topics covered include overview of cancer biology and clinical oncology, hereditary colon cancer syndromes, hereditary breast cancer syndromes, rare cancer syndromes, management of high risk patients, collecting a cancer-focused family history, hereditary cancer risk assessment models and tools, and psychosocial aspects of cancer risk assessment and counseling. In addition to didactic lectures, the course is supplemented by student presentations and a patient panel. Students will expand and refine the knowledge and skills learned in this course during their clinical cancer genetics rotation. This course provides students with the background necessary to the practice of hereditary cancer risk assessment and counseling.

Course Outline Spring 2012