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GS04 1801   Current Topics in Genes and Development

Gladden, Andrew; Fall Coordinator: Arur, Swathi and Picus Mark; Co-coordinators: Behringer, Richard; Spring Coordinator: Furuta, Yasuhide; Wang, Bin; Co-coordinators. One semester hour. Fall and Spring annually. Both Fall (scientific writing skills) and Spring (scientific oral presentation skills) semesters are required for G&D students. The Fall semester is required for students who enter GSBS on or after August 2003; the Fall and Spring semesters are required for students who enter GSBS on or after August 2006. Prerequisite: student must be in their 2nd year or later in the GSBS to take the class, OR consent of instructor.

This course guides students in developing written presentation skills (Fall semester) and oral presentation skills (Spring semester). The course meets once every week. For the Fall writing course, instruction is given on generating written research proposals and research manuscripts for publication. For the Spring course, instruction is given on developing oral presentation skills in science. Students present seminars on their research and participate in the critique of presentations.

Course Outline Fall 2012