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GS04 1731   Seminar in Developmental Biology

Galko, Michael; Arur, Swathi. One semester hour. Spring annually. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.  

In this seminar course, we will discuss recent and classical high-impact articles on important findings in cellular, molecular and genetic mechanisms underlying animal development, congenital disorders, and stem cell biology. All students, junior or senior, whether or not they have taken the course previously, who are interested in engaging in critical review of published studies and active discussions on fundamental problems in developmental biology are highly encouraged to participate in the course.

The course will consist of presentations of selected papers by participants, followed by general discussions on the topics. In addition, we will practice a peer review process of scientific articles using published papers as examples. The course is an excellent opportunity to hone your critical reading of the literature as each paper is dissected in depth with an eye to the validity of the claims being made. You will learn some cutting edge developmental biology as well through the process. We welcome any creative ideas from the participants to make this course engaging.

The class will be held on Fridays from 3:00 to 4:00 PM. The room location is S3.8355 (GSBS Conference Room) in BSRB. The first assembly of the course for the Spring 2011 semester will be on Friday, January 14, 2011, where we discuss the class format, guidelines and rosters.