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GS04 1223 Fundamental Mechanisms of Cancer Development

Galko, Michael; Flores, Elsa. Three semester hours. Fall annually

This course emphasizes the developmental roots of cancer biology, covering major signaling pathways (RTK signaling, Hh signaling, etc.) and cell processes (cell death/apoptosis, epithelial-to-mesenchymal transitions) that are important both in normal development/homeostasis of the organism, and, when mutated or misregulated, in the progression of cancer.   A series of lectures will introduce each pathway or process in cancer and then backtrack to highlight the normal developmental/homeostatic roles of the pathway/process being covered.   These will be tied to a class-wide discussion of a recent or classic paper in the field that will occur every third lecture.   The teaching philosophy emphasizes development of critical thinking and understanding of central concepts.

Course Outline Fall 2012