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GS04 1183   Molecular Methods and Biotechniques

Wood,Richard and Shen, Jianjun. Three semester hours. Spring, even years. Prerequisite: One semester of core coursework.

This course will introduce graduate students, at an early stage of their research careers, to a wide variety of methods and techniques that are especially applicable to research in modern molecular biology. The course will feature a diverse group of instructors, and each of them has a specialized research knowledge of a particular group of molecular. methods and biotechniques. Each instructor will combine some classroom lecture with an in laboratory demonstration. The lecture-demonstrations are grouped into three Modules covering the general areas of biochemical, cell biology, and whole organism methods and techniques. Students will learn about the theoretical basis of commonly used modern methods and techniques for research in molecular biology, about the different types of information that can be gained by application of different techniques to a problem, which techniques are most appropriate in a given situation, and data interpretation. Students will also be introduced in a laboratory setting to the actual apparatus, equipment or devices available for most techniques.

Course Outline Spring 2012