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GS04 1113   Molecular Biology of Cancer

Johnson, David. Three semester hours. Spring, odd years. Prerequisite: Basic Concepts of Tumor Biology (GS04 1083) or consent of course coordinator. Taught at the UTMDACC Science Park/Research Division campus in Smithville, Texas.

This course covers fundamental molecular biology processes with an emphasis on how normal mechanisms of genome maintenance, gene expression, signaling, and metabolism become misregulated during cancer development. The course is divided into three modules: i) DNA structure, repair, and mutagenesis, ii) regulation of gene expression and chromatin dynamics, and iii) cell signaling and metabolism. Lectures on DNA structure, replication, transcription, and protein translation provide basic introductory material that is built upon in other lectures focused on various DNA repair pathways and epigenetic mechanisms regulating chromatin structure and function. Signaling and metabolic pathways important for cancer development are also included as course topics. Assigned reading material will come from the primary literature and be discussed in class. This course is designed to fulfill the molecular area requirement.