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GS04 1062 Methods in Cancer Metastasis Research

Gallick, Gary; Fidler, Isaiah Two semester hours. Summer/Annually. Prerequisite: All students will comply with M.D. Anderson IACUC regulations and must have completed appropriate animal care and handling training tapes prior to taking the course; and consent of instructor.

This course is designed to provide students with in-depth training in some of the most important methods in cancer metastasis research: microscopy, tumor histopathology, and the use of orthotopic mouse models for tumor growth (primary and metastasis). The course will be taught over two weeks, four hours a day for the first week and six hours a day for the second week.  The first week will cover principles of tumor histopathology and will be taught by a practicing board-certified pathologist from M.D. Anderson and an expert microscopist.  The second week will cover the use of orthotopic mouse models for the study of human tumor growth and pathogenesis.  Didactic lectures will begin each day, but the majority of the course will be ‘hands-on’ bench work, and provide the opportunity for students to learn firsthand the most important techniques being used in the study of cancer metastasis.