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GS04 1022  Vascular Biology: Basic Science to Clinical Research

Geng, Yong-Jian. Two semester hours. Fall annually. Prerequisite: consent of instructor

This advanced biomedical science course is designed to explore modern concepts of vascular biology and human vascular diseases, and will introduce and discuss current basic and clinical advances in the field. The course will emphasize molecular aspects of vascular biology, physiopathological processes, and the development of advanced therapeutic technology in vascular disease. A unique feature of the course is its integration of basic and clinical research, with a focus on translational research. The aspects of vascular biology to be covered include development, cell biology, genomics, disease processes, and therapeutic approaches. Lecturers will be drawn from researchers and clinicians in the field from several institutions in the Texas Medical Center, including the UT Medical School, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Baylor College of Medicine, and Rice University. The focus on current research directions will provide excellent opportunities for students interested in vascular biology as they plan their own research careers. Open to all GSBS students.