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GS02 1022  Special Radiation Treatment Procedures

Court, Laurence. Two semester hours. Summer annually. Prerequisite: Introduction to Medical Physics I(GS02 1093), Introduction to Medical Physics III: Therapy (GS02 1113), and Introductory Radiation Therapy Physics Rotation (GS02 1154).

The main goal of this course is to introduce students about special radiation therapy or image-guided therapy procedures that are considered "non-routine" or in "advanced" form relative to the current clinical practice and may require special consideration in the preparation and execution. Special procedures are important clinical services which are usually provided directly by the clinical medical physicist. The special procedures selected in this course may change overtime. Currently, the following topics are included: intra-operative HDR; stereotactic radiosurgery and radiotherapy; image-guided radiotherapy procedure; total skin and total body irradiation techniques; fetal and pacemaker dosimetry; commissioning of IMRT planning systems; 4D CT imaging procedures; and tomotherapy treatment techniques.

Course Syllabus - Summer 2012