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GS02 1014 Fundamental Biological Principles of Molecular Imaging and Therapeutics

Jackson, Ed. Four semester hours. Spring annually. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

This course covers the biological principles that form the basis for molecular imaging and therapeutics. It is an introductory course that assumes that the student has completed at least one year of general chemistry and, preferably, at least one semester of biology. It is further assumed that the student has a firm understanding of calculus and ordinary differential equations. Topics covered include the fundamental aspects of biochemistry, cell biology, and cancer biology needed to appreciate and understand critical concepts in the applications of modern molecular imaging and therapeutics. Applications and examples of key concepts to molecular imaging and/or therapeutics are provided throughout the course. The course is designed for students in the Medical Physics Program, but is also open to students in other programs who are in need of an introduction to molecular and cellular biology.  This course satisfies the GSBS Molecular area breadth requirements.

Course Outline Spring 2013