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GS03 1015 Metabolic Biochemistry

Putkey, John. Five semester hours. Fall annually. Prerequisite: introductory-level biochemistry course and undergraduate organic chemistry.  Non-degree students must obtain consent from the course coordinator.

This course provides a comprehensive overview of protein structure and function, and human intermediary metabolism. Areas covered include: principles of protein structure; enzymology; energy releasing and consuming processes; anabolic and catabolic pathways of sugars, lipids, nucleic acids and amino acids and clinical implications of metabolism. This course is coordinated in conjunction with the Medical School Biochemistry course and will emphasize clinical aspects of biochemistry where appropriate.  Graduate students will attend the same lectures as medical students, but will have separate conferences conducted by the lecturers.  There are 4 lecture hours and 2 conference hours per week.  Graduate students take the same test as medical students.  This course fulfills the GSBS molecular area breadth requirement.

Course Outline Fall 2012