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For Our Graduates

The 2013 Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences' Commencement exercises promise to be an exciting time as we celebrate the accomplishments of our graduates. By recognizing and acknowledging the excellence of our students and faculty, we spotlight GSBS tradition. We are proud of our students - they are the heart of our school.

We feel this Commencement celebration will be a culminating experience for graduates, families and friends; a capstone of their time at GSBS and a fitting finale to years of hard work and sacrifice.

Join us for this memorable and happy occasion!

Expected Arrival for Graduates

Graduates should plan to arrive at the venue by 9:00 a.m. on the morning of the ceremony to ensure that they will be dressed in their regalia and lined up in the correct order in time for the event. GSBS staff will be available to assist you, your family, friends, visitors and faculty alike.