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These user-friendly programs are designed to take relatively little time, and have the inherent rewards of new information, a talented work force and new collegial links. The goals of these programs include assisting students with job and career-path decisions, giving them realistic experiences in science careers, and guiding students as they make the leap from graduate school to academia, research, or industry.

To sign up for E-Mentoring or if you have questions, please email

If you are interested in participating  online as an E-Mentor Expert, please fill out the provide the following information to   

For new E-Mentors to participate I will need the following information from you:

Name with degrees:
Best e-mail address to use:
Broad type of employment:
(for example: academia, education, pharmaceutical, intellectual property, consulting, government, biotechnology, etc.)
Field of expertise: 
(scientific area of your current job)
Dissertation program:
If you are interested in sharing your story with students in person at the June 2012 Career Day, in Houston, send the same information to with your statement of interest.
I’d like to be a Career Day presenter: yes only___, both Career Day and E-Mentor___, or no—only an E-Mentor___.