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GSBS graduates, this is YOUR Alumni Association.

Hello Alumni,

Mark your calendars for the annual Alumni Reunion on Friday, November 16, 2012. We will be celebrating our newest GSBS Distinguished Alumnus, Steven Patierno, Ph.D. (1985/Costa). With over two decades of experience managing over $30 million of grants, Dr. Patierno has secured and implemented many large, complex biomedical and public health-related research grants (both laboratory and population sciences), as well as patient-centered and community-based grants in cancer disparities. He is internationally recognized as a leading expert in cancer causation and environmental carcinogenesis. There will be more information coming about the Reunion and Dr. Patierno on the GSBS website and Facebook, so stay tuned.

Commencement May 5, 2012, honored more than 70 new M.S., Ph.D. and M.D./Ph.D. graduates. It was great fun to congratulate them on their new esteemed status as GSBS alumni. Several were recipients of named scholarship and fellowship awards, others received recruitment awards provided through our alumni annual gifts — praise goes to you for your vision in giving back to GSBS.

Career Day brought 41 graduate students and postdocs from not only UT-GSBS at Houston, but Rice University, Baylor College of Medicine, and UTMB at Galveston to hear the latest about a variety of scientific career paths. Thank you to our 18 presenters from academia, governmental policy and agencies, industry, intellectual property, the pharmaceutical industry, scientific writing,start-ups and even wealth management: Joy Marshall, Barbara Williams, Doug Botkin, Dianne Hammond, Carla Kinslow, Steve Lott, Sangeeta Cheema, Cindee Ewell, Leisa Peschel, Alex Abuin, Marya Chaney, Morgan McKeller, Qi Melissa Yang, Kimberly Mankiewicz, Orlando Saldana, Ben Thomas, Vern Montross and yours truly. This was a most impressive line-up.

See you November 16th!

Sol Bobst, Ph.D. (2003/Kellems)
GSBS Alumni Association Steering Committee President