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GSBS to host Scholarship Luncheon

February 07, 2013

Tracey Barnett

Nearly 20 GSBS awardees will be honored at The University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences’ 2013 Scholarship Luncheon on February 21 at Trevisio Restaurant. This event is held to recognize several fellowship/scholarship donors and award recipients. The Graduate School overall offers more than 60 fellowships and scholarships with award amounts ranging from $500 to full-year stipends of $29,000.

Listed below are the awards and recipients that will be noted at the luncheon:

R. W. (Bill) Butcher Award: Hillary Caruso

City Federation of Women’s Clubs Endowed Fellowship in the Biomedical Sciences: Feifei Xiao

Isaiah J. Fidler Graduate Fellowship in Cancer Metastasis: Frank Lowery

Gigli Family Endowed Scholarship: Thuy Le

Floyd Haar, M.D., Endowed Memorial Research Award in Memory of Freda Haar: Blake Johnson

The Jacqueline T. Hecht Founding Director Scholarship: Shannon Mulligan

T. C. Hsu Endowed Memorial Scholarship: Xian Zhang

T. C. Hsu Research Award: Eric Wagner, Ph.D.

The Fadine Jackson Roquemore Scholarship in Cancer Research: Jessica Ann Chacon

Robert W. & Pearl Wallis Knox Foundation Scholarship: Jessica Galloway-Pena

Michael Farley Moyers Heavy Particle Therapy Graduate Student Travel Endowed Award: Ming Yang, Ph.D.

Dee S. and Patricia Osborne Endowed Scholarship in Neuroscience: Brittany Parker

Sam Taub and Beatrice Burton Endowed Scholarship in Vision Disease: Jennifer Churchill

Roberta M. and Jean M. Worsham Endowed Scholarship
in Behavioral or Neurosciences: Sarah Eagleman

James T. Willerson, M.D., Scholarship Award: Stephanie Thompson

Nancy Beamer Willerson Scholarship Award: Katherine Dempsey

Tzu Chi Scholarship Award for Excellence: Tamara Laskowski and Brittany Parker

The Wei Yu Family Endowed Scholarship: Janani Krishnamurthy