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GSBS celebrates Advisory Council, students at Evening of Discovery

April 29, 2013

Tracey Barnett

The University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences held its annual Evening of Discovery dinner for the School’s Advisory Council on Tuesday, April 23, at Sparrow restaurant.  The event, which hosted more than 30, offered Council members an intimate look at basic science research education and gave them the opportunity to interact with four award-winning GSBS students who shared their recent biomedical discoveries with the group. Here are some photo highlights from the event.

Deans Michelle Barton, Ph.D. and Michael Blackburn, Ph.D., right, flank GSBS Advisory Council President Britt Schmidt during the Evening of Discovery.

GSBS Neuroengineering student, Brittany Coughlin, discusses her research investigation of basic brain mechanisms to develop strategies that will enhance learning with Council member Rick Schissler. Coughlin was the recipient of the 2010 Zilkha Family Foundation Discovery Fellowship.

From left:  Antje Gee;  Advisory Council member  Harry Gee, Jr.; UT Development Board member Janice Griffin; and John Griffin gather with GSBS student Jacy Crosby. Crosby was the recipient of the 2010 Russell and Diana Hawkins Family Foundation Discovery Fellowship and her research focuses on biomarkers for cardiovascular disease with a second project related to autism.  

Advisory council members listen as GSBS Neuroengineering student Stuart Red, far left, explains his research which examines the neural mechanisms underlying both reflexive (more automatic) or voluntary (more controlled by will) attention.  Stuart was co-author on a paper recently cited in US News in their article Heading a Soccer Ball Causes Short-Term Brain Dysfunction.

GSBS Advisory Council President, Britt Schmidt (center), poses with students Stuart Red, Jacy Crobsy, Rajesha Rupaimoole and Brittany Coughlin at the Evening of Discovery. Rupaimoole was the 2010 recipient of the Russell and Diana Hawkins Family Foundation Discovery Fellowship, and is developing a novel group of biomarkers based on mapping ovarian and breast cancer heterogeneity using genome-wide small RNA molecule screening based on high throughput array.