Endowments serve as valuable incentive to attract the best and the brightest faculty and students to The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. An endowment is a permanent fund designated for a specific purpose by the donor. Earned income from the endowment account is used for that specified purpose (for example, to provide an annual scholarship), while the principal is never used, thus, the endowment is held in perpetuity.

There are several categories of endowments:
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» Distinguished Professorship » Awards and Special Funds
» Professorship

Endowed Faculty Positions

Distinguished University Chair:

The Distinguished University Chair is the highest endowed position available and is bestowed to best of the best at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. A mark of great achievement, this honor signifies the valuable contribution made by the leading minds of the health science center. A $2 million gift is required to establish a Distinguished University Chair endowment.

Distinguished Chair:

A Distinguished Chair position is a high honor often bestowed to deans and division directors of special merit. This is a prestigious honor that serves as a great incentive when attracting high caliber educators and researchers for leadership positions at the university. A $1 million gift is required to establish a Distinguished Chair endowment.


An endowed Chair position is a distinction given to high-performing department leaders and senior faculty members. This honor is a valuable retention and recruitment tool that allows the university to recognize the efforts of current educators and researchers, as well as attract leaders in the health science community. A $500,000 gift is required to establish a Chair endowment.

Distinguished Professorship:

Distinguished Professorship funds support faculty as their skills are honed and their reputations as teachers and scientists grow. Designed to honor outstanding faculty members for their accomplishments, these position are another key factor in recruiting and retaining exceptional scholars. A $250,000 gift is required to establish a Distinguished Professorship endowment.


An endowed professorship recognizes rising stars and supports outstanding faculty. Funds from this type of endowment are typically used to help further research and teaching in areas of critical importance in the school. Endowed professorships help The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston encourage and retain the most talented faculty in the country. A $100,000 gift is required to establish a Professorship endowment.

Other Endowments


Endowed fellowships are an excellent means of attracting high-performing graduate students. These students, in turn, make major contributions to the university’s research efforts. Fund income from this type of endowment is used to help support these research projects and, in many cases, to provide a small stipend to support the graduate student. As graduate students, these individuals have already matriculated well into their academic careers and many have already incurred substantial debt in financing their education. Without available endowments, a number of schools within our institution are finding it increasingly difficult to attract top students to these important research positions. A $50,000 gift is required to establish a fellowship endowment.


Creating an endowed scholarship allows our institution to attract the finest students, many of whom might not otherwise be able to afford to nurture their talents without the benefit of financial assistance. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit, but also may consider financial need and other factors, if the donor chooses. For example, one may wish to establish a scholarship specifically for students in a particular field of study. Scholarships may be structured as a one-time award or designed to assist students over the entire course of a multi-year degree plan, provided the students meet certain eligibility and academic standards. Scholarships may be named for the donor or to honor any individual the donor chooses.

Lecture Series:

Providing an endowment for a lecture series allows faculty and students to meet and learn from distinguished scholars. Funds from this type of endowment also may be used to finance travel expenses to bring such noted speakers to campus.

Awards and Special Funds:

Endowed awards and special funds are another important tool in recognizing and rewarding achievement with the university. These types of endowments may be designated for specific purposes, such as support of research of special interest to the donor. These endowments also may be used to establish awards for outstanding professors or students, scholarship or student loans or funds may be designated to support laboratories and research facilities. The amount necessary to establish an endowment for an award or special fund varies, depending upon the specific wishes of the donor and the design of the endowment.

* Deferred endowments are accounts that have not yet grown or generated enough interest to fund the intent of the endowment.

Please contact Betsy C. Frantz, MPH, Assistant Vice President for Principal Gifts and Senior Advancement Officer at 713-500-3202 or Elizabeth.C.Frantz@uth.tmc.edu if you have questions about making a gift or would like more information about endowments.