Philanthropy at the University

Awards & Special Funds

Endowed awards and special funds are another important tool in recognizing and rewarding achievement with the university. These types of endowments may be designated for specific purposes, such as support of research of special interest to the donor. These endowments also may be used to establish awards for outstanding professors or students, scholarship or student loans or funds may be designated to support laboratories and research facilities. The amount necessary to establish an endowment for an award or special fund varies, depending upon the specific wishes of the donor and the design of the endowment.

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Below are the current lists of endowed awards & special funds:

Endowed AwardsSchoolEndowment Established
Aaron M. Blanchard Memorial Award in Medical Physics Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences 6/29/2007
C. Frank Webber, M.D.  Prize for Student Research Medical School 10/13/1989
Cheves M. and Isabella C. Smythe Endowed Award for Excellence in Resident Education Medical School 2/7/2002
Dorothy A. Otto Award Fund School of Nursing 7/18/2001
Drs. Emil and Anna Steinberger Endowed Research Award in Reproductive Biology Medical School 12/10/2012
DuPont/Fuentes Endowed Fellowship Award in Cardiovascular Medicine Medical School 2/4/2010
Elizabeth W. Quinn Oncology Research Award Medical School 6/26/2000
Floyd Haar, M.D. Endowed Memorial Research Award in Memory of Freda Haar Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences 6/29/2007
Herbert L. and Margaret W. DuPont Master Clinical Teaching Award Medical School 1/12/2001
Hitoshi Nikaidoh, M.D., Award for Humanism in Medicine Medical School 11/2/2004
John P. McGovern Award in Health Promotion School of Public Health 3/29/1996
Melva S. Ramsay Award Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences 5/31/2005
Paul Darlington, Ph.D. Faculty Mentor Award Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences 10/1/2008
R. Palmer Beasley, M.D. Faculty Award School of Public Health 12/17/2012
R. Palmer Beasley, M.D. Travel Award in International Research School of Public Health 12/17/2012
S. Ward Casscells III, M.D. Student Award Medical School 12/5/1997
Stanley G. Schultz, MD Student Travel Award in Global Health Medical School 5/5/2011
The Harris County Medical Society Auxiliary Award for Clinical Excellence in Nursing School of Nursing 7/12/1986
The John P. McGovern Outstanding Teacher Awards Component Wide 10/11/1984
Walter G. Sterling Awards for Excellence Medical School 6/9/1978

Endowed Special FundsSchoolEndowment Established
Amelia McCarthy Memorial Fund for Dr. Walter Henry Scherer School of Dentistry 9/24/1960
Arlo Weltge, M.D. and Janet Macheledt, M.D. Emergency Medicine Endowment Medical School 7/31/2012
Ashley Miller Wolf Endowed Teaching Fund Medical School 12/13/2007
Bettie Collins and Helene Collins Sprong Fund Medical School 4/12/1984
Carlos E. Nasjleti, D.D.S. Endowment Fund For Periodontal Research School of Dentistry 3/18/1996
Carlos R. Hamilton, Jr., M.D. Endowed President’s Excellence Fund Component Wide 12/1/2008
Center for Outcome Study and Program Evaluation in Mental Health Harris County Psychiatric Hospital 3/27/1997
David K. Wagner, M.D. and James R. Roberts, M.D. Emergency Medicine Endowment Medical School 6/13/2013
David M. Grimes II Neurology Fund Medical School 12/20/2013
DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Endowed Residents' Fund School of Dentistry 4/5/2012
Diagnostic and Biomedical Sciences Endowment Fund School of Dentistry 3/7/2013
Doctor of Nursing Practice Fund for Excellence School of Nursing 5/9/2012
Dr. Edward Randall, Jr. Memorial Fund Medical School 10/8/1993
Edward F. Jackson, Ph.D. Graduate Education Endowment Fund Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences 8/22/2013
Ernst Knobil Ph.D. Memorial Endowment Fund Medical School 2/1/2000
Ethel V. Hermosillo Dean’s Excellence Fund School of Dentistry 3/17/2005
Ethel V. Hermosillo Employee Benefit Endowment School of Dentistry 3/17/2005
Fayez Sarofim Research Fund Medical School 8/13/92
Foster Family Education Fund Medical School 7/19/2013
Frank M. Yatsu, M.D. Symposium Endowment Medical School 1/18/2013
Helen A. Krause Endowed Research Fund in Renal Diseases Medical School 4/8/1998
Henry W. Strobel Ph.D. Freshman Retreat Fund Medical School 5/2/2007
Herman A. Krause Endowed Research Fund in Orthopaedics Medical School 4/8/1998
Hollister Research Fund Medical School 8/31/2009
IMM General Endowment Medical School 5/12/2003
James J. and Una T. Truitt Medical Educational Endowment Medical School 10/14/1955
Jay Brent Sterling Research Fund Medical School 5/11/1995
John H. Freeman Award for Faculty Teaching Component Wide 6/9/1978
John H. Freeman Fund Medical School 7/21/1972
John M. and Susan M. Powers Dental Student Research Fund School of Dentistry 8/9/1999
John P. McGovern Medical Humanities Fund Medical School 11/9/2007
John R. Ludington, Jr. D.D.S., M.S.D. Endowed Fund in Endodontics School of Dentistry 1/10/2002
John S. Dunn Research Scholar Fund I Medical School 5/17/2004
John S. Dunn Research Scholar Fund II Medical School 5/17/2004
John S. Dunn Research Scholar Fund III Medical School 7/19/2004
John S. Dunn Research Scholar Fund IV Medical School 1/18/2005
Joseph N. Corriere, Jr., Research Fund in Urology Medical School 9/16/1977
L. Maximilian and Donna K. Buja Chair Fund Medical School 9/16/1998
Lee and Joseph D. Jamail Research Fund in the Department of Opthalmology and Visual Science (Held by the Hermann Eye Fund) Medical School 11/6/1998
Marjorie B. Poyner Endowment for Medical Research in the IMM Medical School 1/18/2008
Mark Edward Stinson, M.D. Global Health Student Assistance Fund Medical School 7/15/09
Maureen O'Driscoll-Levy, M.D. Cardiovascular Clinical Education Endowment for Fellows in Fellowship Training Program Medical School 5/9/2012
Michael Farley Moyers Heavy Particle Therapy Graduate Student Travel Endowed Fund Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences 5/18/2006
Michael J. Jeansonne, DDS, Medical School ’90 Endowed Research Fund School of Dentistry 6/13/1996
Milton Yellen Memorial Fund School of Dentistry 2/8/2001
PARTNERS Faculty Research Scholar Fund School of Nursing 8/20/2009
R. P. Doherty Memorial Fund Medical School 11/29/2000
R. W. (Bill) Butcher Endowment Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences 8/31/2001
Research Projects in Academic Surgery Endowment Medical School 4/15/1988
Rose Brigham Klepfer Research Fund Medical School 5/7/1999
School of Nursing Endowment Research Fund School of Nursing 3/29/1996
Speros Martel Endowment for the Aging School of Nursing 8/5/2002
SPH Dean's Academic and Research Support Fund School of Public Health 5/28/2013
Stephen C. Hofmann, M.D. Student Assistance Fund Medical School 3/27/1997
Susan M. Cooley Pediatric Literacy Fund Medical School 8/30/2007
The Dental Hygiene Class of 2003 Endowment Fund School of Dentistry 8/5/2002
The Department of Anesthesiology Excellence Fund Medical School 8/10/1995
The Henry and Ruth Blaustein Rosenberg Endowment in Honor of Judith Rosenberg Hoffberger Medical School 12/5/1997
The John P. McGovern, M.D. Center for Humanities and Ethics Medical School 11/9/2004
The Roy M. Huffington Bicentennial Endowment Fund for the Benefit of The University of Texas School of Nursing at Houston School of Nursing 6/28/2004
The University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston Impact Fund School of Dentistry 11/12/2012
The Weatherhead Fund Medical School 1/5/1998
The Welch Foundation Endowment in Chemistry and Related Sciences Medical School 12/1/1994
Theodore R. Levy Endowed Cardiac Research Fund Medical School 3/11/1997
Thomas R. and Frances B. Clanton Endowment for Orthopedic Education Medical School 5/16/2007
Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Center Fund Medical School 9/17/2009
UT Medical School at Houston Art Wall Fund Medical School 11/7/2008
UT Mitochondrial Fund Medical School 4/19/2010
UTHealth SON Alumni Endowment School of Nursing 9/29/2009
UTHealth SD Alumni Association Endowment Fund School of Dentistry 10/9/1986
Walter Henry Scherer Fund for Dentistry School of Dentistry 10/17/1952
Weatherhead P.E.T. Center Fund (Quasi) Medical School 1/8/2001