Philanthropy at the University

2014 Faculty Campaign

The Best Ideas Come from Within

Each day we come to work at UTHealth we are given the chance to impact the lives of our students, impart a small amount of our wisdom in them, and prepare them for successful careers as practitioners in the health professions, researchers and experts in their fields as well as life-long advocates for promoting the health and welfare of all members of society. As an additional way to support our students, this year’s faculty campaign will raise funds to increase student scholarships.

The theme for this year’s campaign is “The Best Ideas Come from Within.” The strength of our programs is no more or less than an expression of the strength of our faculty and students, the two components without which there is no university. The ideas that we as faculty generate at UTHealth will be in the hands of our students one day.

You can support students in your school

In support of student scholarships, make your gift online now by clicking on one of the links below or print the payroll deduction form:

Thank you to all faculty donors who supported the 2014 campaign

  • Richard J. Andrassy
  • Duraisamy Balaguru
  • Sara A. Barton
  • Yukiko M. Bryson
  • Katherine A. Cowan
  • Charles S. Cox
  • Xianglin L. Du
  • Susan H. Fenton
  • Robert A. Harper
  • Craig J. Harrington
  • Lu-Yu Hwang
  • Jonathan M. Ishee
  • Madurai S. Iyenar
  • Arthur H. Jeske
  • Susan D. John
  • Raymond G. Koeppen
  • Mikhail G. Kolonin
  • David R. Lairson
  • Christine M. Markham
  • Helen A. Mintz-Hittner
  • Kevin A. Morano
  • Angela J. Nash
  • Nasim Rezanejad
  • Pauline V. Rosenau
  • Andrew E. Springer
  • Heinrich Taegtmeyer
  • Hung Ton-That
  • Catherine L. Troisi
  • Sally W. Vernon
  • Kim Waller
  • Diane W. Wardell
  • Michael F. Weaver
  • Judy E. Young
  • Jiajie Zhang

Frequently Asked Questions

I give through my work. Why should I donate?

Participation is key. Your support goes a long way in supporting student scholarships. Your contribution is a vote of confidence in UTHealth and its mission, and will lead the way to our future success.

Can I specify where my contribution should go?

Absolutely. You may give to the scholarship fund of any of the six schools. Simply note your preference when you give. Support the area of your choice.

Can I designate my gift to more than one area?

Yes. Clearly note on the giving form how much you want to give to each scholarship fund. All dollars raised at UTHealth are designated according to the donor’s wishes.

How much should I give?

You determine the amount of your gift according to your own charitable interests, your personal willingness to give, and your financial capability. No gift is too small; it's your participation in the effort that matters.

Do small gifts really make a difference?

All gifts are important. What is important is that you give, not necessarily the amount. The faculty campaign exemplifies the collective power of giving. With each person doing what he or she can, we all make a big difference. Every dollar makes a difference.

What if my spouse works for a matching gift company?

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions made by their employees. Check with your spouse’s employer’s human resource office to determine if they have a matching gift policy.

What are my payment options?

You may give by check or credit card.

How may I donate?

You have the ability to give online, fill out the giving form and turn it in yourself, or enroll in payroll deduction.

Is my gift tax-deductible?

Yes. 100 percent of your gift is tax deductible.

How will my gift be recognized?

All faculty gifts made prior to the end of the fiscal year (August 31, 2014) will be acknowledged on the faculty giving web page. Requests for anonymity are respected. You will also receive a small gift to honor your contribution.

What if I am already a donor?

Thank you. You can make an additional contribution or renew your gift in whatever way you choose. Any way you give, your gift - given in the current fiscal year - counts towards faculty giving.

For more information on the faculty campaign or regarding setting up an endowment, please contact
Susan Diederich:

Thank You From Students