EVP Academic & Research Affairs

Research Conflict of Interest Committee Membership Roster

Chair:  Steven Norris, Ph.D. (Medical School)

Vice-Chair:  Charles Wade, Ph.D. (Medical School)

Sercan Akyalcin, D.D.S., Ph.D. (School of Dentistry)

Susan Benedict, Ph.D. (School of Nursing) - new member

Nathan Carlin, Ph.D. (Medical School)

Richard Clark, Ph.D. (Medical School)

Stephen Daiger, Ph.D. (School of Public Health)

William Dowhan, Ph.D. (Medial School) - new/returning member

M. Sriram Iyengar, Ph.D. (School of Biomedical Informatics)

Susan Laing, M.D. (Medical School) - new member

Qingyun "Jim" Liu, Ph.D. (Medical School/IMM) - new member

Donna Meyer, Ph.D. (Community Representative)

Isaac D. Montoya, Ph.D. (Community Representative)

Clifford Stephan, Ph.D. (Community Representative)

Susan Tortolero Emery, Ph.D. (School of Public Health) - new member

Edgar T. Walters, Ph.D. (Medical School) - new member

Jack Waymire, Ph.D. (Medical School)

Ex Officio Members:

Bruce Butler, Ph.D. (Vice President, Research and Technology)

Anne Hamilton Dougherty, M.D. (Vice President, Human Research Protection Programs)

Cynthia Edmonds, M.L.A. (Director, Office of Research Support Committees)

William S. LeMaistre, J.D. (Assistant Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer)

Meredith Moore, Ph.D. (Assistant Director, Office of Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee)

Jodi Ogden, M.B.A. (Associate Vice President, Sponsored Projects Administration)

Sujatha Sridhar, M.B.B.S. (Executive Director, Research Compliance, Education, & Support Services)

Arlene Staller, J.D. (Vice President and Chief Legal Officer)

George M. Stancel, Ph.D. (Executive Vice President for Academic & Research Affairs)

Staff Support:

Loretta Davis, M.P.A. (Manager, Conflict of Interest Program)