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Effort Reporting & ECRT Overview

Flash IconPowerpoint Presentation

ECRT Overview for PI's

PI / Faculty Quick Start Guide PDF IconECRT Quick Start Guide for Principal Investigators & Faculty

ECRT Certifier's Guide

Coordinator Guide PDF IconECRT Guide for Department Effort Coordinators

ECRT Coordinator's Guide

ECRT Reference Manual PDF IconFull illustrated manual for the ECRT System

ECRT Reference Manual

Commitments PDF IconExample of commitments hover-over function

Commitments hover-over function

ECRT Status Icons PDF IconChart that illustrates each status icon used by the ECRT system

ECRT Status Icons


Where to Get Help

Everyone who is required to certify effort has a designated effort coordinator.  The effort coordinator can answer your questions, monitor certification activity, and follow up with any late certification issues.  The name of your effort coordinator appears on your effort statement.  If you are not sure who your effort coordinator is, please contact your department administrator or your Dean’s office.  You can also email us at effort@uth.tmc.edu or call (713) 500-3392.