Office of Cultural and Institutional Diversity

Advanced Academic Training

At a Glance:

Advanced Academic Training (AAT©) is a proactive early alert and intervention strategy designed to help residents, postdoctoral, graduate and undergraduate students from different health professions work with their advisors to manage daily academic problems and improve academic performance. It was designed to use “retrieval” (daily creation of problem solving questions and answers from lectures, assignments, mock licensure or board examinations for daily repeated spaced self- testing) combined with other learning technologies for long-term retention and problem solving.

Research has reported AAT© to be especially helpful for advising, instructing and monitoring students in educational programs referred to the UTHealth Office of Cultural and Institutional Diversity (UTHealth OCID) for assistance. Institutions can consider this program for increasing persistence, recruitment and retention of students in a variety of academic programs.

Participation in Advanced Academic Training:

Technical staff train participants to use AAT© procedures to organize and integrate technology and self-assessment. On the first appointment, an Advanced Academic Training Survey is administered to evaluate typical pre-retrieval behavior. An Information, Introduction and Sequencing Questionnaire must also be completed. Participants will be asked to immediately purchase their licensure questions and textbooks to integrate questions and answers into their weekly academic programs.  

After a participant has completed the first year of AAT©, their educational institution will be contacted and asked to document and submit an Advanced Academic Status Events (AASE) Report to UTHealth OCID to evaluate progress and determine where adjustments need be made. The Advanced Academic Training Survey is administered again to evaluate participants’ post-retrieval behavior. Participants have reported increased academic achievement and passing of licensure examinations.

A Note About Advanced Academic Training:

AAT© is demanding and requires commitment and behavior modification. If residents/students have limited time because of other responsibilities or interests, they should let UTHealth OCID know at the outset. The entire Program is not for everyone, but various components can be integrated for individual needs. To schedule an appointment, email  or call 713.500.3455.