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Contracts & Grants

Information is courtesy of the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP). Each listing includes the faculty member's name and school appointments at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, contracting or granting agency, funding amount and project title.

Due to confidentiality concerns in clinical trial agreements from some pharmaceutical companies, the OSP no longer publishes some pharmaceutical awards in Distinctions.


Jason L. Anthony, Medical School (MS), Children's Assessment Center Foundation, $5,389, Safe Boundaries Program

Roberto C. Arduino, MS, MDC Associates, LLC, $43,500, Clinical Study to Determine the Appropriate Confirmation Testing Algorithm for Preliminary Positive HIV Rapid Tests as Described in the Validating Supplemental Testing to Confirm Preliminary Positive Rapid HIV Tests Study

Terri S. Armstrong, School of Nursing (SON), University of Texas (UT) M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, $128,242, Collaborative Ependymoma Research Network

Hector G. Balcazar, School of Public Health (SPH), Association of Schools of Public Health $20,000, Evaluating CWHS Heart Disease Prevention Sourcebook; UT-El Paso, $189,972, Can CHW/PS Promote Lifestyle and Environmental Changes to Reduce Risks for Cardiovascular Disease Risk In Texas

Charles E. Begley, SPH, Collaborative for Children, $133,316, College Bound-Beginning at Birth Evaluation Project

Tanvir K. Bell, MS, Merck & Co. Inc. $199,942, Raltegravir vs. Atazanavir in Combination with Truvad for the Treatment of Antiretroviral Naive HIV Infected Patients

Nancy Bergstrom, SON, Sigma Theta Tau International, $2,000, Frequency, Severity and Distress of Dialysis-Related Symptoms Reported by Patients on Hemodialysis

Neel Bhatavadekar, Dental Branch (DB), Astra Tech Inc., $17,000, Analysis Of The OsseoSpeed™ Cytodetachment Technology

Michael R. Blackburn, MS and Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS), CV Therapeutics Inc., $264,078, Analysis of the A2b Adenosine Receptor in Adenosine-Mediated Lung Disease in Adenosine Deaminase-Deficient Mice; National Academies, $66,000, Ford Foundation Diversity Fellowship

Sean C Blackwell, MS, Baylor College of Medicine, $133,944, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, National Children's Study (NCS) Centers-Pregnancy Assessment and Birth Core and Pediatrics Core (Base)

Eric Boerwinkle, SPH and GSBS, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, $521,517, Genetic Epidemiology of Causal Variants across the Life Course

Nathan Bryan, Administration and Finance (A&F) and GSBS, SAJE Consulting, $2,500, Preclinical Studies of GSNOR Inhibitors in Mice

Nancy H. Busen, SON, Association for Prevention Teaching and Research, $2,900, Hope for Health

Shiwei Cai, DB, American Association Of Endodontists Foundation, $24,000, Regulation of Dental Pulp and Dentin Formation by PDGFRBeta Positive Stem Cells

Davide Cattano, MS, Society for Airway Management, $5,000, An Evaluation of Seal in the LMA with Air Versus Saline in the Cuff: A Mannequin Study

Margaret O. Caughy, SPH, UT-Dallas, $13,973, AOC: Publicly Driven Investment, Neighborhood Change, and Household Behavior

Rowen J. Chang, A&F, Michael J. Fox Foundation, $325,000, Novel Alpha-Synuclein Isomers as Immunogens for Immunotherapy of Parkinson Disease

Anne H. Dougherty, MS, University of California, $47,700, Vest Prevention of Early Sudden Death Trial (VEST) and Prediction of ICD Therapies Study (PREDICTS)

Carmel B. Dyer, MS, Donald W. Reynolds Foundation, $2,000,000, Comprehensive Programs to Strengthen Physicians' Training in Geriatrics

Mauro Ferrari, A&F and GSBS, Department of Energy, $717,000, Alliance for Nanohealth (ANH) Training Program for the Development of Future Generations of Interdisciplinary Scientists and Collaborative Research Focused upon the Advancement of Nanomedicine

Danielle A. Garsin, MS and GSBS, National Institutes of Health (NIH), $1,470,586, The Role of Reactive Oxygen Species in Mucosal Innate Immunity

John F. Hancock, MS and GSBS, NIH, $1,549,515, Structure and Function of Plasma Membrane Nanodomains

Robin L. Hardwicke, MS, Massachusetts General Hospital, $19,758, PARC HIV Elite Controlled Study

Janet L. Harreld, SPH, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, $9,700, Plan and Convene Working Meeting of the NIOSH ERC HST TRAINING, HSAT, and ERC/TPG IH

Barrett Harvey, A&F and GSBS, Children's Memorial Research Center, $55,000, Collaborative Agreement between Children's Memorial Research Center (CMRC) and The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

John B. Holcomb, MS, State of Texas-Office of the Governor, $2,000,000, Center for Translational Injury Research-Recruitment of Scientists and Clinicians

Lisa M. Hollier, MS and GSBS, March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation, $10,000, Centering Pregnancy Initiative

Lu-Yu Hwang, SPH and GSBS, UT Medical Branch at Galveston, $73,289, Determining whether Transient HIV Infection Occurs

Jianping Jin, MS and GSBS, Pew Charitable Trusts, $240,000, Dissection of UBA6-Dependent Ubiquitin Signaling Pathway Using System Biology Approaches

Lillian S. Kao, MS, UT San Antonio, $192,976, Modeling Glucose Variability in Critically Ill Trauma and Septic Surgical Patients

Steven H. Kelder, SPH, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, $3,090,129, Disseminating the CATCH Physical Activity and Healthy Eating Program In Travis County and Texas Middle Schools

Susan Landry, MS, Texas Education Agency, $350,000, Development of Texas Pre-K Guidelines

James R. Langabeer, SPH, Institute of Management Accountants, $14,000, Shaping the Role, Best Practices, and Direction for Performance and Risk Management

Renhao Li, MS and GSBS, NIH, $1,177,194, Transmembrane Regulation of Ectodomain Shedding

Linda E. Lloyd, SPH, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, $21,944, Environmental Education for Promotoras and C.H.W.S.

David W. Marshak, MS and GSBS, Rice University, $15,156, Implementing and Evaluating the Use of Distributed Practice and Self-Testing in the Classroom

Frank I. Moore, SPH, UT Health Science Center at Houston, $13,167, Improving Cancer Screening: Life Skills Training and Education in South Texas Hispanic Community

Joe C. Ontiveros, DB and GSBS, Cooley & Cooley, Ltd., $750, Film Thickness of Copalite Varnis

Cheryl L. Perry, SPH, RGK Foundation, $52,000, Parent Involvement in Children's Obesity Prevention

Mohammad Hossein Rahbar, SPH, Department of Defense, $9,262,639, Prospective Observational Multi-Center Massive Transfusion Trial (PROMMTT) Comprehensive

Susan M. Ramin, MS and GSBS, Cryopen LLC, $12,000, Using Cryopen Cryosurgical System to Facilitate Cervical Freezing (Development/Planning Stage)

Blanca I. Restrepo, SPH and GSBS, Oxford Immunotec Limited, $25,000, Evaluation of the Use of T-Cell Xtend with T-Spot TB to Increase the Storage Time of Blood Samples

Semyon Risin, MS, Gillson Longenbaugh Foundation, $42,000, Treatment for Pulmonary Tuberculosis/GLF

Jan M. Risser, SPH, Research Triangle Institute, $34,155, Transgender HIV Behavioral Survey (THBS) Pilot Study

Leslie Roeder, DB, Dental Consultants Inc., $6,600, Properties of Polishing Points; Dental Consultants Inc.,$1,800, Surface Roughness of Milled Blocks

Paul J. Rowan, SPH, Kelsey Research Foundation, $13,038, Evidence-Based Strategy for Detection and Referral for Detecting Peripartum Depression

Sean I. Savitz, MS, ATHERSYS Inc., $282,538, Multipotent Adult Progenitor Cell Therapy for Acute Stroke; BCM, $153,206, Safety Autologous Bone Marrow Cell Treatment for Acute Ischemic Stroke

Renae R. Schumann, SON, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, $100,000, Mentoring Toward Retention: Using Dedicated Preceptors in a BSN Accelerated Curriculum

Beatrice J. Selwyn, SPH, BCM, $52,121, Harris County Hospitals and Universities N.C.S. Study Center-Community Core

Eva M. Sevick, A&F, Genentech Inc., $50,000, Imaging Molecular Signaling in Lymphangiogenesis

Ken Sexton, SPH, BCM, $16,485, Harris County-Hospitals and Universities NCS Study Center (HC-HUNCS)

Eva M. Shipp, SPH, Alamo Area Community Information System, $81,118, Alamo Area Council Information System

Jeremy Daniel Slater, MS, EISAI INC., $17,444, An Open-Label Extension Study of Rufinamide Given as Adjunctive Therapy in Patients with Refractory Partial Seizures

Charles Streckfus, DB and GSBS, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Inc., $429,634, Salivary Diagnostics to Identify and Diagnose Breast Cancer

Eric Thomas, MS, BCM, $27,522, Using Electronic Data to Improve Care of Patients with Known or Suspected Cancer

Megan M. Ullman, MS, University of Southern California, $19,202, HUGS VI: An Observational Cohort Study of Develop a Conceptual Framework of the Determinants of Poor Outcomes in Patients with Hemophilia B (Factor IX Deficiency)

Adel A. Wassef, MS, Forest Laboratories Inc., $780,255, Evaluation of the Safety and Efficacy of RGH-188 in the Acute Exacerbation of Schizophrenia

Mark E. Wong, DB, Rice University, $24,425, Biocompatible Space Maintaining Materials


Kim Anderson, MS, Reach Out and Read National Center, $70,000, Reach Out and Read Texas

Giuseppe N. Colasurdo, MS, Texas Department of State Health Services $2,802,360, Women, Infants, and Children (Project #17-Cost Service Allocation Plan) Old Title: BNS/ WIC-Card

James C. Grotta, MS, National Institutes of Health, $8,012,633, UT Specialized Program in Acute Stroke

James J. Knierim, MS and GSBS, NIH, $1,396,106, Multi-Site Analysis of Hippocampal Neuronal Ensembles

Susan Landry, Texas Education Agency, $7,500,000, Texas Early Education Model (TEEM)

Shih Ning Liaw, MS, Texas Department of State Health Services, $49,410, C.H.O.S.E.N. Program

David W. Marshak, MS and GSBS, Society for Neuroscience, $2,000, SFN Chapter Grant Award for Support for Brain Awareness Week 2009

Hope Northrup, MS and GSBS, Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance, $20,770, Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Natural History Database Project

Philip R. Orlander, MS, Harris County Hospital District, $18,829, Ryan White Title III: Department of General Medicine (Services for Dr. Gus Krucke)

John D. Reveille, MS, University of Alabama at Birmingham, $248,086, Program Project in the Genetics of SLE/Project 4

Joshua Samuels, MS, Johns Hopkins University, $65,015, Chronic Kidney Disease in Children Study (C-KID)

Stephen B. Tucker, MS, Clayton Foundation for Research, $38,850, The Anti-Tumor Effects of Interferon on Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Jerry S. Wolinsky, MS and GSBS, Clayton Foundation for Research, $85,209, Viral Mimicry and Multiple Sclerosis


Terri S. Armstrong, SON, MDACC, $28,860, Gauging Impact of Treatment on Symptoms, Health Related Quality of Life and Neurocognitive Function in Patients with Primary Brain Tumors

Rebecca Berdeaux, MS and GSBS, Muscular Dystrophy Association Inc., $96,945, The Role of CREB In Skeletal Muscle Regeneration and Hypertrophy

Jeffrey A. Frost, MS and GSBS, Department of the Army, $97,200, Recruitment and Regulation of N-WASP by F-BAR Family Member Cip4 In Invasive Breast Cancer CIP4 Invasive Cancer Cells

Kazim A. Sheikh, MS, GBS/CIDP Foundation International, $45,130, Neuroprotection and Enhancement of Nerve Repair with Erythropoietin in Experimental Allergic Neuritis; NIH, $896,604, Pathogenesis of Anti-Ganglioside Antibody-Mediated Neuropathies